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10th in the SEC won't cut it long...

  • With it looking more and more like the only 4 or 5 star we'll land is Bell, it's going to be difficult to compete with 10th in the SEC. I know the top 25 class looks good, but really the only thing that matters is how we fair against our competition.

    I definitely believe in Butch and think that he will produce some excitement on the field this year, which can hopefully translate into a better class next year, but we definitely need to add more 4 and 5 star players. Call me a star watcher or down vote me all you want, but the fact of the matter is that 3 stars won't cut it consistently in the SEC. Again, I DO THINK HE GETS IT DONE, just sucks to have to wait until 2014 and 2015.

    Here's to hoping that Butch recruits as well in his second year as Freeze is in his. Some big similarities there if we can get the players to buy in like Ole Miss did this past year. Record doesn't have to be 10-2, but we just need to see buy in from the players and see them compete for 4 quarters against everyone.

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  • I agree with your frustrations and am going to up vote you in anticipation of the many down votes you will receive. Seems unless you are spewing unicorns and fairies around here a down vote is inevitable.

  • It is all about a change of perception. In this world perception is reality. The teenagers of today have never seen Tennessee play in a major bowl game. Do not remember out national title, and outside of Peyton Manning do not know of our former players. We have to change perception in order to change direction. What we all know is true doesn't resonate with the kids of today. Winning some games, and gaining some momentum will help us change perception. Our reality is not the reality of the kids. Preception is reality. Go Vols.

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  • Couldn't agree more. I get into more arguments about the history of TN Football than ever before. I'm in Memphis and there are now a TON of bandwagon Bama fans that didn't even know that we beat them 10 of 12 times ending in 2006. They have no clue, nor do they really care because of how bad we've been recently.

    Again, I think if Butch can come in a compete this year in games, and win the ones he's suppose to, our class next year will look drastically different. I'm just tired of having to "wait till next year."

    Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

  • i agree with you ChrisUT, im not sure how we got in this spot, ( coughcoughmikehamilton ) lol

  • Vol70

    Not sure if you meant the only NEW 4-5 star commit is Bell, because depending on what service you look at, we already have 3-5 four star commits. Also, I think the reason for the low ranking is because we have the fewest commits in the SEC. The rankings are usually cumulative of points assigned to each recruit. I'm ok with fewer commits this year - hopefully CBJ can bring in some early enrollee's next year to backfill these open spots.

    I think CBJ is off to an outstanding start in recruiting. He came in playing catch up and it sounds like he is working his tail off building relationships for future classes. It's gotta be hard to sell us to recruits that see 4 losing seasons in the last 5 years, but I think he is going to get it done.

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  • Just building on what Chris and Alex have laid out, we have to win some games.

    With the best OL in college football and 4 NFL players in the front 7, our coaches have what they need to scheme their way to 8 wins. 7 wins won't get it done. That's what people expect. You have to exceed expectations to change the perception. That's what Ole Miss did, they exceeded expectations and they changed the perception.

    Everyone knows we are capable of beating Peay, WKU, USA, Mizzou, Auburn, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. If we do what we are capable of AND shock some people by beating Oregon, Florida, Bama, Georgia, or South Carolina.. the perception will be changed and the 2014 class will lay the foundation on which championships are built.


  • bgosnell151

    I think you are reiterating the OPs point. Chris' point was that Butch did a great job, but was behind the 8 ball and he believes going forward that Butch is the guy. Maybe I am off base on that.

  • Seanbt

    I have to disagree with you about 7 wins this year won't get it done. We are going to have a first year QB and no great RB's or proven WR's. You are assuming that Auburn is going to have another disastrous season like last year...there is a lot of talent on that team and most of it was recruited for Malzahn's offense. It is the one game on the schedule that is a lot tougher than last year's record would indicate. Also, Vandy is coming off a 9 win season, WKU is a bowl team, and Missouri will have adjusted after their first year in the SEC and it's a road game.

    All things considered, I would be thrilled with 7 wins before the bowl game for this year. If anyone expects 8 wins this year...they are delusional. Is it possible? Yes but its not likely.

  • You're not off base. That's exactly what I'm doing. Hence, the "just building on what Chris and Alex have laid out" comment

  • The great thing about Coach Jones and his staff is, they've been together for the most part, for a long time. This staff won't have to figure out what the head coach wants to put on the field. I really believe there were some tension between some of Dooley's last staff and it showed on the field. Coach Jones really believes he can win here and I think that attitude will transfer over to the players. I know everyone is sick of saying wait till NEXT YEAR, but if we have a decent season next year (6-7 wins), and I think we will, you'll see the fruits of CBJ's labor on the recruiting trail.

  • I have to disagree with you about the RBs. They are good quality players and finished the season strongly. Between Graham's coaching but more importantly the OL learning how to rush block I believe we are solid in the running game. We just need to be able to pass with enough of a threat to keep the defenses honest.

  • Vol70

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  • Seanbt


    I didn't say they weren't good servicable backs...I said they weren't great and with a young QB (experience wise and maybe age wise) in the SEC you need to be able to rely on a strong running game. I haven't quite seen that yet from them. Now this may offend some people but while the line is GREAT they are better at pass blocking than run blocking. Now part of that is the running back so it is hard to determine which is which.

  • I am not assuming Auburn will have a disatrous season. I look at the Auburn game much like I looked at last year's MSU game. It's a matchup of evenly matched teams and the winner finishes with 7 wins. Finishing with 7 would certainly be a step in the right direction and as you pointed out, it's the best finish we can realisticly hope for right now.

    My point is that if we want to completely change the perception in one season like Ole Miss did, I think it will take winning 8 games. We have to beat somebody that nobody thinks we can beat. Nobody had OM beating Auburn, Arkansas, and MSU before the season started.. but they did. Then they almost beat LSU, A&M, and Vandy. Their entire 2012 season caught everyone off guard, and I think that's what you have to do in order to change perception in one year.

    That being said, I agree that 7 wins would be a great year and that's what I am hoping for.

  • Seanbt

    AGREED!! +1 biggrin

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  • Tennessee has just as much talent on offense as Auburn. Probably more, considering their oline isn't in UT's class. UT's backs are capable and improved with coaching last year. Remember the previous year Neal couldn't hold onto the ball and was playing WR. Lane was one year removed from a serious injury. Everyone was excited about these guys when they signed. They were Ford before Ford. I remember when folks wrote off Hardesty. We have three returning 4 star receivers (Bowles, Croom, Howard). Tennessee's D has talent, hopefully it will get the coaching, and I believe it will. Vandy beat one team with a winning record all year and by the time UT played Vandy the player's had stopped responding to Dooley. I don't think folks expect 8 wins, but some of us believe the possibility, given the personnel on both sides of the ball and the total lack of a defensive coordinator last year that this team winning 8 games before the bowl is more than a pipe dream.

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  • If we're 10th next year then post this junk...otherwise be happy we have someone who will recruit harder than anyone not named fulmer or kippen and who will actually coach the players he has and get the most out of them during the upcoming season. Man this stuff can get really frustrating to read.

  • Fear_Smokey

    Well said, ChrisUT. Everybody keeps saying that we won't get big-time prospects until we win games; but the problem is, you won't win any games until you get some big time prospects. It's a two-way street. With that said, It seems to me, just from what I've observed over the past 3 months and from what I've read from insiders on this board and others, that the only thing holding Butch Jones back from landing a huge slew of blue-chip recruits is the recent failure of the program. It seems like with the way that Butch is relating to the prospects and how well the recruits seem to like his him and his staff, that Tennessee is a 7 or 8 win season away from a top 10 or top 5 class. There is absolutely no denying the effort that Butch is putting in; he and his staff has slaved like madmen for the past 3 months...and his personality is most definitely clicking with these teenagers, which helps more than words can express. (Trust me, I'm 19 years old and if Butch came to my house for a visit, I would have a hard time not committing right then and there with how energetic, friendly, passionate, and genuinely caring he seems to be)

    I honestly think that if we can win just 7 or 8 games in 2013 that Jalen Hurd, Treyvon Paulk, Neiko Creamer, the Berry twins, Dillon Bates, Greg Yranie-McLisse, (sp?) Nick Chubb, Kevin Mouhon and many others will be as good as ours. Those guys seem to love our staff and we are consistently blowing kids away with our facilities, tradition, and fan support.

    Look at what Hugh Freeze is doing at Ole Miss...Tennessee is a win over UGA or S CAR away from that, mark my words.

    2014 could be the beginning of something spectacular.

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  • I'm completely aware that I could be totally wrong here, but I think Butch and Bajakian have all they need to make life easy for the QB. We've already mentioned the best OL in the nation ITT and these are good stats from our RBs, IMO. I'm excited by how Lane finished the year. He and Neal both improved a lot last year and I expect that progression to continue. I think Croom, Pig, North, Jenkins, and Neal (out of the backfield) give us above average weapons in the passing game, and there's a lot to be said for a great route runner at WR, which is Ryan Jenkin's claim to fame.

    Here's what the free portion of ESPN's scouting report says about Jenkins:
    "Jenkins is an ideal fit for the slot with a blend of quickness, stop/start ability and a feel for a defense's moving parts. He possesses excellent lateral quickness, loose hips and is smooth in all of his movement skills. He shows initial burst off the line and a burst out ... ". His key traits are "hands", "speed", and "route running".

    I don't know about you guys, but that excites me. The key will obviously be how quickly everyone can pick up the offense, but we appear to have some very skilled players surrounding the QB. I don't know about Peterman, but Worley seems to have a pretty cool demeanor and indications from Callahan (I think) were that he was quick to pick up on Chaney's offense. Then there's Dobbs who is a freaking genius according to his offer list. Who knows what he's capable of. I hope we get him, but even if we don't, I think we have more skill on offense than Ole Miss had in 2012 and they managed to finish 4th in the league in total offense and scoring offense. For a staff in year 1, with the talent they had on the field, that blows my mind... but I truly think our coaches have the weapons and ability to produce similar results.

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  • I agree its frustrating, but from the same standpoint, how can you say just wait till next year. Does UT just get a pass on everything until year one is over? Are we in year 0? All we're doing is stating opinions, which is why this board is put in place. To be honest, it's your opinion that he'll "get the most out of them during the upcoming season" and that he can "coach the players." He's been so busy recruiting that we can't say any of that. All I'm saying is that his quote was... "If we get a student-athlete on campus, they should be sold." I just wish there were some more transactions with game changing players.

    I'm stating facts... 3 star players and 10/14 in the SEC in recruiting will not get it done consistently in the SEC. Never said that he won't do better and as a matter of fact I said that I think he will, just tired of... waiting till next year.

    Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

  • I agree. I think he's working harder than anyone out there and that 2014 and 2015 will be big years for us in terms of recruiting. They'll be needed too with what we need on the offensive and defensive lines.

    Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

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