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Blind Grudsession

  • I've finally reached my limit on the Gruden discussion. I'll be patiently awaiting the down votes but here goes...

    Why in the world if you are Dave Hart would you pay Gruden some ridiculous amount of money (more money than Saban makes) when he’s never won a college football game or even coached a college football game??? Blind obsession leads to irrational decisions. Fortunately, it appears that Hart isn’t an irrational thinker. I think he was interested in Gruden but the demands are just too steep and that extends beyond just the money side of things. It’s like buying a new driver that supposedly will help you hit the ball 20 yards longer but it’s $1,000. All the other drivers are $300-400 and make similar claims but with less marketing. Are you going to buy the $1,000 driver? Of course not, because you know that it’s not worth it and the other drivers have the potential to be just as good for you.

    This whole Gruden deal has been fun to watch though and I don’t think anyone really knows what Hart is up to which is why people have gone crazy with their thinking. It’s the unknown that makes this search so much different than the others. Hell, even the guys in the so-called "know" don’t know what’s going on!

    People have worked themselves into a complete obsessive frenzy where irrational thinking left a long time ago. There are several other candidates on Hart’s list that are extremely good coaches who in my opinion would do a great job and have been successful college coaches. Winning cures everything PERIOD. Look at Texas A & M. Do you think they were fired up about hiring Kevin Sumlin? Do you think they are now?? Winning cures EVERYTHING.

    I suspect that there will be many Vol fans who will hop off the UT bandwagon after we announce our next coach (who isn’t named Gruden). We'd love to have you back at some point which I suspect will be as soon as our new coach starts winning again which I am confident will happen. Until then, take this time away from supporting the program and plan to spend more time doing things you also enjoy. UT football will be here when you decide to come back.

  • Thanks for posting this. Excactly how I have felt from the start. It's hard to believe that some fans don't think a good coach like Strong, Golden, Fisher or others couldn't flourish here. One other quality apart from recruiting and coaching the next coach needs is an all in mentality to the program which I personally don't think Gruden would have been. His name would have come up EVERY time a NFL job opened up.

  • You had me at "hello"


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