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  • I hope you're not still trying to compare 1977 to the present. Been there seen that is good except for when a significant change in conditions renders the knowledge mostly useless. Its like knowing how to fix an eight track or cassette tape or as Warren Sapp once said "Al Davis knows football- 1970s football."

    For a variety of reasons, Dooley has to have a fantastic season, not least of which is that he still needs to prove he can win as a head coach. Majors had won at two programs before he got to UT and he was a star coming back home to return the program to glory. Even with all the other differences between 1977 and now, Majors left a school where he had just won a National Championship to come home and save the program. He had alot of rope. Dooley's last game was a loss to Kentucky. Not much rope left. Once again, I believe UT wins big this year so all of this should be moot.

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  • Michigan State hadn't seen a winning record in five years and had been assessed sanctions for recruiting violations before Saban took the job. His first year at State, Saban beat Michigan. That will buy you some time. Three years before Dooley TN was in the SEC championship game. The year before Dooley TN finished second in the East. UT was in bad shape when Dooley got here, but he had Vandy and Kentucky built into his schedule, along with atleast three other duds. Saban, arguably, didn't have that many duds on his early schedules. I think Dooley will win this year, eventhough, outside of the talent he's collected, I shouldn't be so optimistic, but I am bias and overly optimistic when it comes to the Vols.