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  • You go running back, even with Bernard Scott and Green-Ellis? What would you think of Janoris Jenkins for your corner in the first round? And with the other first taking a TE, i think that would help andy dalton a lot.

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  • Don't trust Scott and Green-Ellis. Those are both stop-gaps IMO. Want a home-run hitter type.

    Wouldn't take a chance on Jenkins. Too much bad PR for that team already. Whichever corner the Titans don't take will be fine.

    As for TE, I think Gresham is ready to break out this season.

    Your team. All the time.

  • Lol, for some reason Jenkins just seems like a perfect marriage for Cincy to me, could be wrong. And TE has not been mentioned by any drafts i have seen, but for some reason, with the luxury of two first, i can see them taking one.

    As for RB, I kind of like the combo of Green-Ellis and Scott, but would like to see a speedy guy to go with them, a homerun type of guy. I really wanted them to sign Michael Bush.

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  • Time will tell... But i would like to point out that a large # of our fan base thought we would be SB contenders bc we beat the Ravens in a pre season game and Vinny was gone and Shanahan was in.... We all saw how the McNabb debacle worked out....

    People said things were different when Danny Boy hired Marty, Spurrier, Gibbs (at least he made the playoffs), etc...... How many big name coaches does Dan Snyder have to ruin before people will start to realize that he is the #1 problem with that organization..... The Redskins are arguably the most mismanaged organization in all of professional sports.... Very dysfunctional.....

    Dan Snyder wants to win bad and spends the money to win.... But the redskins constantly make bad decisions and over spend...

    Here is the problem with the Skins taking RG3..... He will get thrown under center day one without an OL; and without any quality WRs..... The skins will ruin him just like they ruined patrick ramsey and jason campbell.....He will play poorly and the Redskins fans that love him now will quickly turn on him and Boo him..... Then the fans will start to call him lazy, stupid, etc.... They will blame him for all of Dan Snyder's failures..... This happens every year in Washington...

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  • First, their O-line is not as bad as people think. Second, they have a third and 2 fourths this year, where they can address the interior O-line. Third, Jamal Brown is showing signs of being healthy, and that helps the right side. Fourth, Trent Williams is a very promising left tackle.

    Now, as it pertains to playmakers, there are some there. Gaffney is a very solid weapon for a new qb. Roy Helu showed big play ability, and they love him. Garcon will give them the deep threat they need. Fred Davis is one of the best young Tight Ends in the league. They believe that Josh Morgan can contribute. Also, Hankerson, Niles Paul, and Anthony Armstrong have showed promise (and that is assuming we get nothing at all from Moss and Cooley). Maybe not the best group of receivers, but far from the worst, so RGIII will have plenty of weapons.

    The big difference between Marty, Gibbs, Spurrier, and all of them is that Shannhan and Bruce Allen make the calls on personel, not Snyder. I am not sure people realize how good Allen is. The strategy that he has used the last two years is to people with players under 27, and the draft. Patrick Ramsey did not get ruined by Skins, he just was not good. Campbell, i thought at least, did a very solid job while here. The Mcnabb decision was bad.

    Redskins lost i think 7 games by one score or less, and beat the Giants twice. So, we are not talking about a team that just was horrible, so i strongly disagree with your assessment of the current situation, past situations yes, now no.

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  • fair enough.... I understand your argument (i have this argument with my best friend all the time, he is also a big skins fan).... I just have no confidence in Dan snyder.... This is my opinion and doesn't mean its right, but i guess we will see soon enough....

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