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Dooley failed because........

  • In an honest assessment, why did Dooley fail? Was it all because of a bad DC hire and the demand to change the defensive scheme? Failure in recruiting? Was it because he was arrogant and had done nothing to merit the arrogance?

  • The DC hire and the disaster that occurred on the defensive side of the ball killed Derek Dooley.

    The offense was one of the most prolific in UT history. With even an average defense, the Vols would have won 7-9 games.

    Hiring Clawson and his disastrous offense cost Phiil Fulmer his job. Likewise, Sunseri cost Dooley his chance to coach a fourth year.

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  • Honesty I think it was a number of things from game management to recruiting misses, but ultimately I would love to hear what some of the players opinions on that would be .

  • Dooley was not prepared to compete or recuit at the SEC level. Is Jones? WE shall seee. But, given Jones background and his history of winning, compared to Dooley's, well, I can only assume he is ahead fo the game. Only time will tell.

  • As we watched this bungled search go forward, I thought back to the Dooley hire. I remembered being extremely concerned that Dooley could ever put a competent product on the field. I don't have that worry with Jones but I am concerned with how well he can recruit and compete with what he is now up against in this league. Thanks for your replies!

  • Got to go to my history bag here.

    Dooley was our Gen. McClellan from the Civil War. Little Mac, as they called him, inherited a broken and dispirited Army of the Potomac. He refit the army, cleaned up the camps, drilled the troops on the parade ground, provided decent food, and raised troop morale. He had a plan and he looked like a winner.

    But he didn't win. Robert E. Lee beat him in front of Richmond and tied him at Antietam, both times with inferior forces.

    Dooley was a parade-ground general. No heart, and no testosterone.

  • Because he is one of those people who is a genius with no common sense..

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  • Derek Dooley was clearly over and out-thinking himself throughout his tenure at UT. He was all brain and no instinct. He did all sorts of text-book things that were wrong in situations that required heart. He introduced the 3-4 defense because it was a part of a winning formula at a winning program that he was a student of. He even brought in one of the cogs from the Alabama machine that he had worked with in the past. In the end he simply didn't have the 5 star speedster defensive back-field to make it work. If he would have made the move in the beginning and followed through with a recruiting focus to go with it the plan might have worked. We all thought Sunseri was a home-run hire in the beginning, but he's not a magician and he could not pull off a magic trick, then when things started to fall apart he got frustrated and came off as a blustering idiot.

    Dooley's lack of heart and no football instincts slowly poisened the morale at Tennessee and lead to multiple mental collapses at all the wrong times for both his players amd coaches. Besides never having a firm handle on time management (for which he never delegated the task to someone more qualified) he also committed classic blunder after head-scratching mistake in the areas of trick plays, 3rd and fourth down decisions, recruiting decisions (who to ignore and when to shift focus on to important recruits) and finally his biggest mistake was slowly becoming more apathetic and apologetic to a bewildered fan-base who couldn't begin to understand why their coach wasn't panicking like they were.

    I personally liked Mr Dooley and think his methodical approach to rebuilding the program helped us significantly in all the areas we needed help in when he arrived. Unfortunately, he wasn't the leader or the mentor we all were hoping for in the clutch. His mishandling of major aspects of the game of football on and off the field lead me to believe that he is a fine athletic director and a below-average football coach. Thanks for the rebuilding effort and the VFL program, but it's time to move on and find a real leader, not a gifted beaurocrat.

  • 1. Bad timing
    2. 2010 staff had very little South ties and SEC experience and was put together late and in a hurry no fault to Dooley
    3. NC, VA and TN were not focused on enough
    4. Bad timing again.......our program was a disaster
    5. Not beating KY in 2011 sped everything up and his hotseat
    6. Beat LSU or not get screwed vs UNC and beat 1 more on top of the 2011 KY fiasco and all is well.
    7. Horrible hire in Sal.........should of hired a top DC or an experienced one with a 4-3 so you dont change in a hot seat year.......but he never saw losing to MSU and Mizzou and Vandy. He was building for 2013+
    8. He did need to learn game management more and better run game management with our RBs and CP......we didnt run it many times when we should and only ran it outside the guards 1-2 times a game with our RBs.
    9. Get thru to Bray earlier.......maybe impossible.......his injury in 2011 really set back his maturity and learning curve that took place after the FL game (his low point) and we saw what he could be vs USCe
    10. Land a top RB in 2011.........this and maybe a top pass rusher and 1 other LB. Lanier, JJ, DaRick and others staying in school would of changed things too if they were better leaders/ teammates too. We lost BBrown and Mike Edwards and others that were flat out talented.

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  • History will record that Dooley actually rebuilt the program. He came into a situation not much better than if the team plane had hit a mountainside.

    He stopped the bleeding. He recruited good kids. He restocked the roster. He made Adidas get the uniforms right. He improved the layout of the new football complex.

    But dammit he couldn't win. His stars pouted and his teams quit. They folded in the clutch.

    I think CO Jones can take Dooley's talented-but-limp crowd and make them winners in short order. A lot like what Bruce Pearl did with Buzz Peterson's kids.

  • Here's my take on Dooley's tenure:

    1. Lack of contact with area high schools really hurt his recruiting. The TFP article explained the lack of contact between the program and those schools in great detail.
    2. Unwillingness to change to fit his personnel/situation. When Bray and Hunter went down last season, Dooley kept going as if they were there, and never made the necessary adjustments to the overall game plan to benefit either Simms or Worley. The inability to make adjustments at halftime is something that has haunted Dooley since day one in Knoxville, and continued into this season.
    3. Poor game management. Whether it was having too many/not enough players on the field or just deciding to run out the clock instead of trying to score or even using timeouts, that was another constant in his tenure. The moronic decision to go for OT against Missouri was the last straw.
    4. Special Teams/kicking game - I have never seen a coach do so little with such highly-rated kickers as Dooley did. For someone whose focus under Saban was special teams, there was no reason for that.
    5. Alienation of the lettermen and alumni who helped build Tennessee's reputation over the decades. For someone who spoke a lot about the history and tradition of Tennessee when he was introduced as the HC, Dooley never could recognize or even relate to the very people that helped build that tradition.
    6. Stubborness - whether referring to his repeated attempts to keep Janzen Jackson on the team, the Deanthony Arnett debacle, or booting Cam Clear on the first offense, Dooley seemed to always do what he wanted, regardless of what the prevailing wisdom was at the time. I may be mistaken, but I believe it was a similar stubborn streak that led to the end of his father's tenure as UGA Athletic Director.
    7. Inability to relate to the players. This wasn't something we really had evidence of until after he was dismissed, but as more and more people talked, the more apparent it became that Dooley was viewed more as a taskmaster. Compare that to some of the videos of Butch Jones and his Cincinnati team - the difference is night and day. In both the 2011 UK game and the 2012 Vandy game, the team basically quit on him. If your own team isn't even listening to you, then perhaps they're not the problem anymore.
    8. "Year 0"/Bamboo/Rommel/Shower discipline: I can't think of a term to describe these events with, but it all boils down to the same thing: Dooley has a way of avoiding a direct answer to tough questions - probably developed while he was in law school. If you can't answer the questions, then how can you expect to solve the problems behind them?

    Dooley did do some good things while at Tennessee - the VFL program, reducing the number of arrests and player incidents, rebuilding a roster that made an NFL expansion team look strong, and focusing on the game rather than the outside distractions. And while all of those aspects certainly helped this program, Dooley never was able to to the single most important thing: win games.

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  • He's not personable
    He's overconfident in his own judgement.
    He doesn't like to do the little things that add up to make a difference.
    He doesn't relate to his players.
    He doesn't take responsibility.
    He cannot engage his team and make them play above their talent level.

    He was born with a silver spoon and his daddy's name made everything easy for him. That mixed with lawyer's innate condescension makes his chosen profession almost completely unworkable. Mike Leach has the same problem only Leach is an actual offensive genius.

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