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Firing Dooley Would Be Ignorant

  • Dooley was hired by Hamilton to give the program stability and hopefully head it in the right direction. Giving that Dooley had no previous big-time experience, no reputation recruiting wise, he has put together a very decent roster. If we land a few guys this year we are still after, then he will have landed 4 straight top 15 classes with absolutely no big time experience and constant job security rumors. If you look at it objectively, thats not bad at all. I am not saying he is the guy to take us to the next level, I simply do not know. In my opinion though, If our defense was in its 2nd or 3rd year, and we had a QB with something more than an unbelievable arm, our record could very easily be 5-2 or even 6-1. The way I see it, Dooley's first year, he was a redshirt freshman. He is now a sophmore. If he isn't a starter by his senior season then a change may be needed. He was an unproven head coach when we hired him. He is no differnt than a player who needs to be developed.
    This is the case for most head or position coaches. There are no other Nick Sabans. Even the Ol' Ball Coach, an icon in the SEC, has taken 3/4 of a decade to turn SC into a consistent top 20 team. Let's see, I think it took Tom Osborne 16 years to win a national title, Bowden longer than that, I can ramble on and on. THERE IS NOT ANOTHER SABAN OUT THERE.
    Of course, if there is a Kentucky like slip-up this year, I will be on the boat with the rest of you insanely unrealistic fans.........
    (Just to qualify myself as such, I was so depressed after the 62-37 shellacking by the gators in 96, I slept for 18 straight hours) GO VOLS........14-0.......2013 BABY.