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Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5

  • I'm not phone tech freak, but I've got a cousin who sells for Verizon and he tells me it's about customization like its been said in this thread before. Apple thinks you don't need much, because all you'll do is screw your phone up eventually. People going with the droid get what they want, but sometimes they pay for it. I tend to think they're right, but I've been an iPhone guy for the last 5 years and I've never wanted/needed anything else.

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  • Over the years I have purchased a few iPhones but until the 5 came out, I never used any of them on a daily basis (the iPhones I purchased were for my young kids). Having used phones and tablets with competing operating systems (primarily Android and WebOS), I have never liked the iPhone's operating system, but I've always admired the iPhone's hardware. Well, after 2+ weeks of living with my iPhone 5 (and ~6 months with my iPad 3), I find that I still really dislike iOS. It's just archaic compared to the latest versions of Android (even WebOS BLOWS IT AWAY and WebOS has been dead for more than a year). I was hopeful that iOS 6 would be an actual improvement and UPGRADE, but there is no improvement, and in fact, with what they did to the maps app, I'm just really pissed off that Apple tries to spin it as an "upgrade".

    Where the iPhone still shines is in the hardware and the responsiveness of the user interface. It's a really, REALLY nice piece of phone hardware. I have found that the battery life of my iPhone 5 is generally inadequate though (the Android phones I've used have been MUCH better), and one thing I've always hated about the iPhone is that there's no way to swap the battery out for those days when you need to actually USE the phone. I'm not a heavy user of my phone but on an average day I have to plug my iPhone 5 in before 5PM to make it through the full day. Also, my iPhone 5 has given me a lot of problems on the data side. LTE and WiFi are stupid fast, but 3G is ridiculously slow most of the time, and where I live, LTE coverage is supposed to be everywhere but the LTE signal quality drops in many areas so it downshifts to 3G a lot, and when that happens it's just miserably slow on 3G. It's so slow that most things just time out, which renders it mostly useless. I don't have this problem on my iPad 3, for whatever reason - it holds onto LTE for much longer and when it does kick down to 3G it's still not too bad speedwise.

    I will admit that I'm a bit more of a power user, and that's the main reason why I don't like iOS. For the basic functions like the phone app and messaging app, it works fine. I find that the apps for the most part are identical to the Android versions, though there are a few cases where the iPhone app is clearly the "lead platform" and it has a few more features than the Android version (for example - the iPhone's CBS College Sports app allows you to stream live games, where the Android version doesn't). In limited cases, the opposite is true.

    I have been waiting to upgrade for a while and before it came out, i though I might buy the iPhone 4s. But the screen on the 4S was just a smidge too small and the real deal-breaker was that it was still stuck on 3G. The iPhone 5's screen and form factor is perfect for what I was looking for, plus it has LTE, so that's how I ended up purchasing the iPhone 5 in the first place. I would have gone with a Galaxy S3 or even the HTC One because overall I think they are better phones than the iPhone 5 but the current crop of high-end Android phones are just physically too large. If the Android guys come out with something that is more competitive size-wise and quality-wise with the iPhone 5 I will switch in a heartbeat, because I know I can sell the iPhone 5 easily and for good money (that's another HUGE plus of the iPhone).

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  • I don't think you're going to see the Android manufacturers try to compete head-to-head with the iPhone in terms of size. They're stuck in the same "more cores is better" mindset that knocked the PC industry down a couple of years ago. I'll give you an example: the international version of the Galaxy S3 has a four core CPU, whereas the US version has a dual-core processor. The kicker is that there's no discernable performance differences between the two phones because there isn't any software in the mobile space (on any platform) that takes advantage of more than two cores. The reason Apple has focused most of their efforts on the GPU side of the chip is that because that's what actually drives the fluidity of the OS and even touch responsiveness. The A5X bumped the # of GPU cores from 2 (in the A5) to four. The A6, which drives the lower resolution iPhone 5 screen, has a tri-core GPU.

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  • And none of those methods are as good as the old app.

  • I made the switch to Android software a couple years ago and there is no way I would go back to an Iphone.

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  • How can you knock Google's own app before it's even released?

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  • From what I've read is most people here like the Android version because they are fully customizable. Android apps do not have to be sent in directly to Android before going to their app store. The problem with this is that if you enter your credit card number or any other personal information and it is a scam app, that person has now stolen your information. With the very standard Apple iOS6 each app has to be submitted to apple and they check that the app meets all specifications such as user privacy.

    I understand why people really like Android (it's hard not to) instead of iOS6. In the end though it is much safer to use an iPhone instead of a phone with the Android platform because your information can be stolen with ease. The easiest way to demonstrate this would be PC vs Mac. PC (Android) has over a billion viruses, Mac (iOS6) has under a hundred thousand.

  • I work for Verizon and can tell you that I receive a free droid device and essentially use it as a paperweight. I pay to have an iPhone because honestly it is by far the most reliable phone that you can get. If your knowledgable about the ins and outs of android you can manage, but i cant tell you how many droids I have to troubleshoot, hard reset or replace on a daily basis. I've been training for a year and a half on android devices and still don't know everything. I was very intrigued by the S3 and as far as android goes its the best on the market currently, but as soon as I almost made the jump a major issue arose from the phone. I don't know if anyone has had the problem but the S3 is dropping 4G service when trying to make phone calls and there is currently no fix.

    Honestly it just comes down to personal preference, but if you depend on your phone for work or if its your only means of communication go iPhone.

  • I know it's an old thread but I just wanted to hear if anything new has surfaced with these phones. I got my first iPhone and I really don't know if I made the right choice. The old lady has the galaxy 3 and I can't make up my mind on which one i really want. Anybody had both with sprint ???

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  • I beg to differ as a fellow VZW employee. I can't tell you how many iPhones I see today with stuck buttons, software freezes, having to do hard resets all the time, warranty replacements. The list goes on and on. I ditched iPhone several months ago and I won't soon go back. After they tried to charge me for customer service on a warranty replacement since I didn't opt to DRIVE to Knox from the Tri Cities, I swore them off. Are they good products yes? Do they grossly mismanage their customer service? Yes.

    When you talk about simplicity, maybe you're right. But I had a customer tell me it insulted their intelligence and likened it to Fischer Price My First Phone. TIFWIW, but as a VZW employee, I see EQUAL amounts of issues out of both camps.


  • on my iPhone 5 (Sprint), the data side has improved a little bit in the past few months but it's still wayyy too slow whenever I'm on 3G. I was in Detroit last week and there was no LTE anywhere, so I was pretty miserable on 3G. Thankfully my iPad is on Verizon and VZW had LTE most places there and if it didn't have LTE the 3G was quicker than 3G on sprint, for whatever reason. I don't know why 3G sucks as bad as it does on the Sprint iPhone 5 but it's MUCH slower on Sprint than my previous phone which was 3G only. There's NO way I'd keep my iPhone if I didn't live in an area with LTE coverage (Sprint has pretty good LTE coverage in ATL) unless they fixed all the 3G problems.

  • I am on my 3rd straight iPhone - the iPhone 5. After, really debating on whether to switch to the new S3, I stuck with Apple....and I regret my decision! The iPhone 5 is no better than a 4S and the battery life SUCKS. And it gets hung up sometimes just like the Samsungs do. So I wish I'd gotten a S3, after having a 5 for a few months.

    That being said, do NOT get a S3 right now!

    The new S4 is coming out this spring and is going to have a larger screen and is rumored to do away with the home button so I'd wait for it if it were me.

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  • As a tech support lead for a telecom here in Alaska, I see people calling in for cellphone issues on a regular basis. The ratio of Android to iPhone calls is right around 7:1, and even just comparing the S3 to all iPhones it's about a 4:1 ratio up here.

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  • I have the Galaxy III and could not be happier!! great phone. Got white with orage flip cover!! vols

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  • Simply put, people want feature-rich devices. iPhone sorely lacks.

    And here is the projection of their plateau this year.