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How Long will it take for Tennessee?

  • If Jones turns out to be a great coach and recruiter...3 years. If a good coach and recruiter 4-5 years if he isn't fired first. If he doesn't live up to the current athletic department public relations campaign...never.

  • If we get one of those top RB's this year we're looking at it could end up being a game changer in the running. Could surprise some folks.

  • 2014 is going to very bad, IMO. Games are won in the trenches in the SEC and UT will lose everyone from the O-line and D-line after the 2013 season.

  • All I'm saying is when Kiffin made his comment about the classes being pathetic and his whole "the cupboard was left bare" at the time, no it wasn't. At that it really was about how will the next coach come in and develop and discipline talent and when you have kids getting kicked off and then the next coach has no clue how to develop talent then how can you blame prior coaches? All you gotta do is look at Dooley's classes. In 2010 he had a #9 class, 2011 #13 and in 2012 a #17 class(going by Rivals). That's a #13 avg. and played no were near that kind of a grade. With those kind of classes we should've played like a top 25 team, we didn't even play like a top 50 team! All I'm saying is those "high caliber" classes aren't crap unless you have someone to coach them up. Kiffin and Dooley OBVIOUSLY couldn't coach em up or keep em! Lets face it, all Kiffin is is a great recruiter and Dooley.......well he is exactly what he is THE WORST COACH IN UT HISTORY! We actually have a COACH now so we will be just fine!

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    Who's the WISE GUY that got this POST started!! Lol sounds like some Awesome observations No Doubt!! But, as Crazy as this may sound? I believe the success of this team starting now is Based on what kind of Defense Tennessee can produce on and off the field. I know you have to score to win a ball game and I also no you can win a ball game when you don't let nobody score?lol

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    I +1 everybody on this topic!! Great responses!!

  • I would say don't just look at the national rankings though. Look at the rankings of the SEC as well. I know we aren't at the bottom, but if we are middle of the pack, say 8, you won't have very good seasons to follow because that is the competition we are playing. Just an observation.

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  • I will agree with you that Kiffin and Dooley are not the type of coaches that I hope Jones and his staff are.

    As for why UT struggled in 2010 and why it got harder in is a fact that we just didnt hav experienced 3rd, 4th and 5th year talent on the roster due to the attrition and lack of recruiting from 2007-2010 (Dooley only having 3 weeks).

    It is a fact. Go back and look who was in the locker room just prior to NSD in 2010? Look at who our 3rd-5th year players were and how that got worse in 2011.

    Here is what I did at that time:

    Fans/media need to grasp what was in the locker room the day Dooley took the job in Jan 2010 (and what was leaving after the 2010 season that led to last year + our injuries):

    2007 - 2009 position by position recruiting

    and what Dooley had to work with that wasn't the 2010 class when he took over. If this isn't eye opening; one you already knew it was bad, or you just want Dooley to fail regardless.

    RB over that time.
    5 RB's signed
    Lennon Creer
    Josh Hawkins
    Dennis Rogan
    Kevin Cooper
    Daryl Vereen

    3 RB's signed
    Taureen Poole (Thank God....but he was 4th on the depth chart in 2009 for a reason too)
    Ben Bartholomew
    Austin Johnson

    3 RB's
    Bryce Brown
    David Oku
    Toney Williams

    On Roster when Dooley started the 2010 season, we had 3 Tail backs (Poole, Oku, and Williams) and 3 full backs. Who the hell recruits 3 full backs in 2 years?

    Wide Receivers over that time
    6 WR's
    Kenny O'Neal Bust. Lasted 1 year
    Ahmad Paige transferred after never seeing the field here
    Gerald Jones 4 year player. 2 year starter @WR
    Denarius Moore 4 year player. 2 year starter NFL Player
    Todd Campbell
    Tyler Maples

    1 WR
    Rod Wilks

    3 WRs
    James Green
    Nuke Richardson
    Zac Rogers

    From those classes when Dooley took over, we had 3 WRs. 3 WR's in 3 years on the roster.

    2008 Aaron Douglas
    0 TE's on the roster.

    1 OL= Cody Pope 3*

    3 OL= Carson Anderson 2*, DALLAS THOMAS 3*, Preston Bailey 3* (Thank goodness for Dallas Thomas)

    3 OL: Kevin Revis 3*, DANIEL HOOD 3* (now a Nose Guard), JerQuari Schofield 4* (backup OL now)

    From that, you had 6 OL. 3 of which were Revis, Anderso, and the Cody Pope the Vegan. Hood barely counts as he was never a factor at OL. 2 SEC level OL in 3 years.

    3 DTs= William Brimfield 3*, Donald Langley 4*, Rolando Melancon 4*
    (I misremember did any of these guys play good for mult. years?)

    1 DT= Montori Hughes 2* (good then lazy then transferred)

    1 DT: Arthur Jeffery 3* (not even near the 2 deep)

    2 defensive tackles on the roster when he came to town from that era. 2 freaking defensive tackles. Walls moved inside to help put and so did Williams at times but, we signed 2 defensive tackles that were on the roster at all.

    3 LB's signed
    Chris Donald
    Chris Walker
    Savion Frazier

    3 LB's signed
    Marlon Walls
    Herman Lathers
    Gerald Williams

    5 LB's signed
    Jerod Askew
    Marlon Walls
    Greg King
    Robert Nelson
    Nigel Mitchell Thorton

    6 guys at the LB position beginning the season in 2010 out of 3 years of recruiting. Jerod Askew, Robert Nelson, Greg King, Daryl Vereen, and Thornton are 5 of those linebackers. The only one worth noting is Herman Lathers. Walls and Williams were on the line along with Walker.

    Defensive backs
    9 DB's
    Eric Berry
    Brent Vinson
    Nevin McKenzie
    Deangelo Willingham
    Deshaun Barnes
    CJ Fleming
    Dennis Rogan
    Anthony Anderson
    Art Evans

    2 DBs
    Prentiss Waggner
    Stephaun Raines

    6 DB's
    Janzen Jackson
    Eric Gordon
    Darren Myles
    Marsalis Teague
    Mike Edwards
    Nysher Oliver

    We had 9 DB's from those years. Not terrible numbers but, included in those DB numbers are CJ Fleming, Nysher Oliver, Rod Wilks, and Stephaun Raines.

    All together

    3 RB's
    3 FB's
    3 WR's
    0 TE's
    6 OL's (Do Revis, Anderson, Hood, and Pope count?)
    2 DT's (Jeffries being injured at the time)
    6 LB's (Jerod Askew, Robert Nelson, Greg King, Daryl Vereen, and Thornton)
    9 DB's (CJ Fleming, Nysher Oliver, Rod Wilks, and Stephaun Raines)

    32 players total players in those positions. 14 of those have made minimal contributions at the positions they were recruited for. Only Hood and Vereen have really shown up in games out of 14 players since Dooley has been here.

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  • That's a very good observation as well. I do agree with you 100%! Many years in the SEC if you finish 17th or heck even 13th, in the SEC you finish no better than 7th most of the time. The SEC is definately a hard league to be rebuilding in and especially in this era.

  • Next years schedule certainly isn't doing you guys any luck there.

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  • First off, I love the stats!lol! Look man we're both right, I agree with you that they could have met our needs better. Dooley was the worst decision maker EVER. If he keeps the real DC that he had, I mean hell...all he had to do is go out & guarantee Wilcox he would be here and don't go give pretty much the same offer to zero experience position coach and were probably not even talking about new coach.......for a year or so. But again I do understand what you're saying.

  • No doubt Sal was horrible + moving us to a 3-4 when we just didnt have the LBs or DBs and it was a key year.

    FYI........nothing was keeping Wilcox from going to Wash.........he didnt like the South at all.....much like that 1st staff

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