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I am hearing less of Gruden and more of Petrino

  • The affair is not what got him fired. Lot's of people have kept their jobs after a scandalous affair gets out, including Rick Pitino and the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    He was fired for lying to his bosses, not disclosing an inappropriate relationship he had with a job candidate who was going to report directly to him, using loopholes in the University's hiring process to bypass very qualified candidates and hire his mistress, and STILL not being forthcoming with his bosses as the sh-t was hitting the fan after his wreck.

    This is not a morality concern because he cheated on his wife. This is an issue of trust and reliability. Just because all of us have made mistakes in our life, doesn't mean we can't have extremely valid concerns about whether it is a good idea to pay a habitual liar and manipulator millions of dollars to be a representative of our university. Stop it with that argument.

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