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I, for one, am okay with this class, here's why....

  • Obviously very disappointed with not getting Bell. But, sounds like Dooley's lack of recruiting him sealed the deal on that one. With that said, I think it is a class that met some needs. We did get some other secondary help and some "athletes" that may help on that side of the ball. We have a lot of returning players from the defense that was very poorly coached. Hopefully, we can improve on that side of the ball enough for us to have some success. Good coaching can go a long ways. On offense, we replenished the WR corp. Would have been nice to have Boyd but with Mom not coming to UT, that wasn't going to happen. With Harris, North, Jenkins, and Smith, along with Croom, Pig, Bowles, Carter, we are okay there. I think we got some serviceable tight ends on offense that will fit well with Jones system. I LOVE our Quarterbacks. We have 2 signees that both can be good players. I think Dobbs will be the long term answer from the four now on our roster. I like the signing of Lee in the backfield. Will be a good third string back this year behind Neal and Lane, but we must get some RB's next year. Not sure about the three offensive lineman. I think they may be the weak link on offense in this class. But time will tell. They will have time to develop. Defensive lineman are not great in this class, outside of Carr, but there is some potential there.

    With it all said and done, I think the pieces are there to go 7-5 next year and get to a bowl game. A bowl season, especially with a win in that bowl, gets us ready for a big signing day next year where right now we could take around 30-31. Butch and his staff will recruit just fine once we win some games.

    Go Vols!