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I haven't been here in a while

  • Since around last year's Florida game, I haven't been around the board as a poster. Between Dooley's bad luck and innate abilities to lose in inventive fashion, I lost faith. At the time, the board was still relatively new, and if you spoke against anything Dooley did, rest assured you would get down voted. So, I gave up my subscription because I didn't have to pay my friends (subscribers of TOS) to bash me for taking off my orange colored glasses.

    But alas, I am back... For now. I'm likely to be labeled as the fair weather fan and so be it. But I'm as passionate as the next guy. I just refuse to stay on the boat if it starts sinking. There's a bit of excitement back now, and it starts with the powers that be in administration to maintain it. If the wallets don't come out this time, strap in guys. We'll be headed nowhere.

    Talent is a big slice of the pie when it comes to winning, but there's a reason these HCs get paid millions every year. The responsibilities and faults should almost always fall on their shoulders. Harsh, I know. But if I called you and told you I was going to pay you 200,000 this year to mow my yard and keep it looking as good as everything around me, I don't care why it wasn't done in the end. Afterall, I'd be paying you for results.

    The money is there. Period. You don't consistently build state of the art facilities everytime they come due and lack the funds to put a winner on the field. I'm a home builder and the number one thing you don't do is build a bigger house than you can afford to operate. Everybody knows thats called being "house poor". The business model has to be different this time or else there's no point in raising our expectations beyond where we sit in the standings now. The best way I feel I personally can support my team is to not buy in to the delusion again that a d rate coach can make it happen. If I'm drinking the cheap koolaid, I'm statistical support to the administration's decision to save a little cash.

    Gruden may not be the answer and it may all be a big pipe dream, but Wes said it: he'd have come last time if the money was there. All I know is the risk looks a lot smaller from the outside with a guy like Gruden compared to a not completely proven up and coming coach.

    It's raining here so I've got a contractor's holiday today. Hope everyone has a blessed day!

  • Good post OP and I guess time has proven your opinion of Dooley to be correct. I for one would never downvote someone for expressing an opinion that differs from mine as long as it's expressed in a way that doesn't name call or show disrespect to other posters. But there is a disagreement on what downvotes are to be used for. Some think they are to be used for disagreeing with an opinion expressed - and that may be correct.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the DV's. They really don't mean anything. Thank you for expressing your opinions even though contrary to others on the board.

    I think the varying opinions are what makes this board interesting - as long as they're expressed with class and mutual respect.

  • Gruden, an NFL through and through is going to have at least 5 NFL jobs to choose from. He is not coming back to the College ranks regardless of the money we throw at him. He's making $4.3 million per year, so what is another $1.7 million for a guy that is going to have to travel more, work more hours, move his family, and not golf as much as he does now. If he is going to leave a $4.3 million dollar job, he's going back to the NFL where he doesn't have to recruit or worry with 18-22 year old kids, which he seems to not have an affinity for. HE"S NOT COMING TO TENNESSEE.

    So I ask, who is the "big money" person out there? Unfortunately I don't think there is and Strong or someone of that nature will have to suffice.

    Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

  • A. Welcome back to the board.
    B. Don't worry about downvotes. Several of the most respected posters here are 4 stars because they get downvoted.
    C. I will believe the money is there when I see it. Firing Sal cost 1.6 million for next season. That is the difference between hiring a coach for 5 million per year and 3.4, big difference imo.

  • Wow dog. Vendetta. Gruden may not come to Tennessee, but I highly doubt you have anything to base your opinion on more than what you think is reasonable. And that's fine. If you're right, I'm good with it. But I'll stick to thinking until he says no, we've got a chance. Just wouldn't want to get caught with my pants down if he was willing to jump.

    Charlie Strong may wind up being a fan-friggin-tastic coach. If that's the best guy out there at season's end, would we not be competing with Arky, Barn, and possibly others to lure him? All of a sudden we might be in a bidding war. This means $$$. We just need to be ready to put it up this time rather than getting pushed on down the street.

  • personally i think the down vote thing is childish and the worst feature of this board. So with that out of the way I believe following a football program is much like being married with a family. There are good days, there are bad days and the only way to survive is to learn how to deal with the bad days. Running from the conflicts in life isn't my thing so I can't relate to the first part of your post.

    I agree with you that Gruden seems to be the answer for immediate rebound. I'm not sure how good a coach he is but he'd certainly have positive name recognition. Recruiting wise, we should be competitive. Given the AD budget deficit, all the money pissed down the tubes by the former AD in the form of buyouts, money pissed down the tubes to the former AD himself ($1,335,000) and now with this anticipated move I wonder if we actually have the cash to make Gruden an offer he can't refuse.

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  • welcome back, InVols! Happy to have you here again!

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