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I know I'll get nothing but ridicule but hear me out.

  • I just finished watching the DD show and was genuinely impressed with San-m Pittman. If we can't get who we really want and can't get the proverbial "homerun" then at least consider Pitman( very good coach, inspires loyalty, and seems to have good football skills and public relation skills. His players seem to respect and care about him and read what Koehler said about his recruitment. Offensive line coaches seem to make good head coaches(like catchers in baseball). Phil did well before he lost his fire and quit recruiting. At the very least we need to hang on to Graham, Hinshaw and Pittman if at all possible. Forget about Gruden, Petrino et al-- too much baggage or in Gruden"s situation, he would not burn rubber recruiting or be able to live within the NCAA limits on time, etc.