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JMO, but the University of Tennessee...

  • Fear_Smokey

    needs to decide NOW whether it wants to make a commitment to winning football games or let the pencil necks contunue to try and win a bunch of academic awards. I can tell you one reason why Graham probably left...he can't recruit the top-flight players he wants to recruit because of the academic standards and Jimmy Cheek, so he goes somewhere where he makes sense although it still hurts that just being well paid at his alma mater wasn't enough for him.

    Graham leaving is an unavoidable sign of the condition of our athletic department. It is evident that this university has turned its nose up at athletics. Seriosuly, a man who played his heart and soul out for four years at UT LEAVES his alma mater for a fairly lateral coaching move in a weaker conference? How much sense, on the front end, does that make? Something is amiss here, and this move was about more than money; it's about an institution that has become apathetic to football. I've tried to avoid this realization for a while, but it's staring me in the face now.

    I don't know if Jimmy Cheek realizes it or not; but the butts in the seats at Neyland Stadium on Saturdays are what pay for that University to exist. Football is the lifeblood of that institution. Without the University of Tennessee's football team, you don't have a University of Tennessee. It's that simple. However, Cheek still fails to realize that. And we wonder why our athletic department is $200 in debt...Either directly or indirectly, Cheek has been the master mind behind all of this; the crumbling of our football program, the inability to sign big-time recruits, the unprecedented coaching staff turnover of the past 12-14 months...most of it is on Cheek. This university needs to decide whether it wants to make a commitment to winning football, or whether it wants to continue to sink into debt and athletic oblivion.

    Fire Jimmy Cheek. NOW.

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  • The university wants the revenue of a winning program, they just don't want the expenditures that come with a winning program. Sadly the two go hand in hand.

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  • Fear_Smokey


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    "What did he do? All he did was score!" - John Ward

  • Seanbt

    The OP makes some good points. This could be an academic issue.

  • I'm going to play devil's advocate here:

    I agree that our academic standard shouldn't be above the NCAA minimums, but in this particular case, is that really what's in play? I can't think of an example where he had to back off a guy because of academics. We'll never know for sure, but the timing of his departure would suggest it's something else.

    My guess is that he didn't mesh with the new staff, and he saw an immediate chance to go coach a much deeper and better stable of RBs. Just my guess.

    I don't disagree that it's concerning.

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