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Record: 6475 (12/7/2012)


Just an observation.

  • calebc6

    I have been to several games they past 3 years. The majority of them have been in Knoxville, but I was also at the Dome for the NCST game and was in Starkville last night for the game. I will say this about our fans. We are very vulgar and to the point of being excessively rude to some extent. Every game I have been to there have been numerous people in the stands yelling vulgar stuff. Last night the guy who sat behind me was very bad and it was made worse by the two 8 and 9 year olds that were in front of me. I know our fans are very passionate but this is not appropriate in some cases. I will say that MSState has probably the classiest fans I have been around in a while. I was very impressed at how nice they were and how they welcomed us to their "home." When I was leaving several different people told me that they were fortunate to get the win and that our team was very good and that we have some great talent. Just thought I would let this be known. I thought it was a nice experience.