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La Tech Player Takes Shot At CDD

  • You sir are 100% correct and I can choose what posts I want to open. But I also have the alternative of ending my subscription and that way I don't have to worry about what posts to open..

  • Grog, I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I would must rather hit the "ignore" button on a poster or two than lose out on the great stories and other interesting posts by the large MAJORITY of posters at 24/7. Of course, by utilizing the ignore preference I may not learn everything there is to know about a turf toe injury, but at least I can enjoy the rest of the board . . . whistling

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  • This whole discussion is sad. People don't like what the OP said; then others don't like what others said about the OP; then people are offended; and then others are offended the first bunch was offended.

    The majority of adults in this country, have, IMO, lost the ability to argue with one another. No one learns anything. No one grows. We come to a discussion with a closed mind and a sensitive mentality, stating an opinion as fact, then getting our feelings hurt and taking our posts elsewhere.

    The way it ought to work is if someone posts something unfavorable, other posters are free to attack the post, i.e., the opinion (not personally attack the poster) mercilessly, and maybe the dude (or dude-ette) learns s/he was wrong, and/or bears up under the onslaught to convince a few others he has a point or two. Anymore, the way it seems it works is, well, like this thread. no

    Sometimes I even enjoyed a discussion or two on one occasions on, ahem, "another UT forum" when I was the only one defending the coach, and I was in the arena of argument, being attacked on all sides, verbally bloodied but unbowed, and typing with maniacal fervor, rather than running away with hurt feelings, proud of every thumbs down. biggrin Good times. Good times. *sigh*

    Every time someone responds to me with a personal attack, I know one thing: I've gotten to ya; I've won; and you have nothing of substance left to refute my point/opinion. One of the first rules of civil debate is, "You show me a debater who resorts to personal attacks, and I'll show you a debater who's losing his case." A corollary of mine alone which I have posted previously is, "You know you've won a debate with a redneck when he says: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm gonna whip your a$$."

    There's a serious point to that joke, though: It's both sad and humorously ironic when physically full-grown (some of 'em big and burly, too) men react to verbal disagreement so childishly they sound like they might come to blows if standing in front of one another. Emotional weakness tries to cover itself with physical strength. Not a long term formula for success in the world, IMO, even in a physical sport like football. This thread didn't go nearly that far, so don't get me wrong, but the tone was headed in that direction before being interrupted.

    I don't like trolls on net forums, but if I were, I would just looooove getting the reaction most of them do get until being shut down by mods or admins. Every poster everywhere SAYS, "Don't feed the trolls," but they then proceed to do just that.

    The previous advice given above by a few as to just ignoring folks if you can't stand what they post is excellent.

    On that ground, though, why should it hurt your feelings if some dude on the other end of a computer keyboard calls you a name? Really? Are people that emotionally fragile? Sticks and stones, peeps. Sticks and stones.

    Sorry for the rant. Flame suit on.

    "Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat." Sir Robin's Minstrels.

  • . . . and right on cue, a funny:


    "Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat." Sir Robin's Minstrels.