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MSU Spartan here... I come in peace...

  • The strip used to be packed depending on the hotel you might have a band playing early and often.

    Don't miss the vol walk- great tradition and the time will be announce mid week here.

    Vist as orangevol79 said the river front to see the Vol Navy

    And just walk around the tailgates-you will see normal and abi normal stuff, great sites and we have a few of our own southern bells that will be easy on the eyes.

    Cant miss the band at the begging of the game when they form the T to run through--corny as it sounds that gives me goose bumps and I just get fired up when they start at the south and get going to the north endzone!

    We usually bring some extra items for after the game to cook and just sit and reflect--usually wait about 2 or so hours later and then head back to the mountain but it is going to be a good trip with the gayturds in town.

    Enjoy and Have fun!

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  • A few other sites and sounds:

    The Salute to the Hill by the Pride of the Southland Marching Band as they march into Neyland;

    The pre-game show where the Pride will salute the opposing team by playing their fight song (small cheer) and then go right into Rocky Top!

    Obnoxious, dumb and drunk gator fans . . .

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    "Old School"! A strong defense wins championships!

  • Check out the Vol Walk, "The Rock" at the center of UT's campus, Vol Navy (tailgating on the river as mentioned above)..Tennessee also has a new sports shop that's inside Neyland that you should checkout, near the Will Call gate..

    Other than that, I'd roam around on Frat Rowe, the Strip, and around campus tailgate hopping as much as you can, and drinking put loads of whiskey.

    Make sure you are in your seats in time for the Pride of the Southland Marching Band. Having 100,000 plus screaming when the "T" opens up and our players run out is one of the coolest sights in all of College football.

  • Oh, yeah, lots of tailgating on Fiji Island (ironically named now, since Fiji got kicked off campus....) in the middle of frat row.

  • Unless you were in a frat that has a UT chapter, I would stay away from frat row. The Vol Walk is a must. The players and coaches walk from the practice facility to the stadium through a tunnel of fans.. It's an amazing sight. Normally around 3 hours before the game but they will announce the time soon. As for parking, there is a lot on at Office Furniture Outfitters on Grand Ave that I always park at. Not very close to the stadium but it's $20 (at most), has a bathroom, and is a pretty easy exit. I think the money goes to a church group or something so it's a good cause too.

    I like to go to Cool Beans before the game. Pretty good prices (although not as good as they are in East Lansing. Sweet lord...) and there are good tailgates around there. I'll either be there or on the corner of 13th and white (if we do our own tailgate). Put your booze in a solo cup and don't flaunt it and you're fine. At most they ask you to pour it out. When does the party start? Thursday night. Honestly, it's going to be a long day of boozing.

    Have fun, take it in.

    PM me if you are still looking for a tailgate. We won't have any broads with us, but I'm certain there will be a fair amount of booze flowing.

  • Thanks everybody for all the advice! I really appreciate you sharing all this with me. I will definitely have to check out all of this. And make sure I am there for when the band enters the field. I love a good college marching bandsmb

  • Find the Torchbearer statue in the center of campus. Vol Walk and band go right by. Be in position two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff for Vol Walk; band comes by 30 minutes later. Pregame show steps off 15 minutes before kickoff.

  • bigorange

    Drizzle I hate to break it to you but so far Dooley has done nothing but prove he is the man for the job. He has made positive changes in both staff and philosophy during the offseason. I just don't understand the bash Dooley mindset your stuck in. We have run for 200 each game and with our passing attack it would be hard not to let Bray throw it around every down. Yet our run pass ratio is near 50/50. Dooley revamped the staff with a new online coach who has proven over time to be one of the best and brought Jay Graham home to coach the backs. Give them time to coach them up and recruit a game changer to come run behind a line with a combined 150 starts next year. But to answer the question I think the vast majority of Vol fans are now cautiously optimistic that Dooley is the man. Nearly all excluding Drizz really really want things to work for him as he has done a dramatic job changing the culture and rebuilding our broken program. He is great for one liners during interviews and has done a great job recruiting at a high level during the worst stretch in 30 years or more. This week will go a very long way in strengthening Dooleys long term hold on the head coaching job and most UT fans want nothing more than that to happen. We will end our losing streak against Florida this year and win the SEC East in my opinion. This will greatly enhance recruiting and you can expect to see UT back at the top year in and out. This isn't a must win for Dooley but it would speed up and further establish the total transformation of this program he will have to make to be considered a success and be here for many many years. If we lose this game we miss a major opportunity in the national spotlight to show out. If we lose they just have to keep practicing hard and beat Mississippi State, Missouri along with UGa or USCe along with the rest of the schedule that we are expected to beat. Anything else and a portion of the fan base like Drizz will be calling for Chris Peterson or John Gruden etc... Luckily we are going to win so it's irrelevant but Dave Hart can already see the steady climb this program is making and Dooley will get another year or two minimum. Also if we don't achieve what we expect we won't lose all 3 of our playmakers early I hope and with nearly the entire team returning minus anyone leaving early for the nfl and a couple of starters we return everyone if we underachieve from here out. If they bust out and secure Dooleys job we are going to have a lot of play makers to replace next year. Sorry for the rant follow what's in this thread and enjoy your time here. But to answer your question there is little doubt that Dooley is the right man to walk our sidelines and steer our program for years to come.

  • Get here early enough for GameDay. Find a tailgate not at Fiji unless you know someone there or are a hot girl. Laugh at Florida fans, particularly the ones wearing jorts.
    The whole interstate will be a parking lot so yea... But there's a children's hospital right off Alcoa Highway that costs $10 that goes to children with cancer. Park there and walk down the strip to Tin Roof and then to campus.

    Twitter: @nick11vols

  • Bump... So I can easily find and refer back to this thread today so I know what all to do...

    GO VOLS!!