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May or May not be interesting...

  • but i was just curious what the rosters of the top 10 teams in the nation looked like compared to ours. it could be meaningless, someone mind find it interesting, im just trying to grasp for any hope possible for the next 4 games and the future. but ill explain what i have here... in () the first # would be total SRs in the 2deep, 2nd# would be SR starters and 3rd # would be JR starters. This is the projected top10 in the next polls, and i noticed, while its not always a huge margin...everyone besides LSU has more Srs in their 2 deep as well as more SR starters. Also noticed that besides LSU, UT has many more JRs starting than everyone else in the top 10. My optimism and desperate hope to return to glory would tell me that if we just give Dooley 1 more season, if anything to have continuity, that we will have a Sr laden team next yr and have the potential to finally have the roster like the top 10 teams. like i may be worthless, someone may find it interesting but this is what i have accomplished this Sunday.

    (10,8,8) Alabama - Starters - 8; 2 Deep - +2
    (18,12,7) Kansas State - Starters 12; 2 Deep - +6
    (9,8,6) Oregon - Starters - 8; 2 Deep - +1
    (17,12,6) Notre Dame - Starters - 12; 2 Deep - +5
    (7,3,15) LSU - Starters - 3; 2 Deep +4
    (12,9,7) Georgia - Starters - 9; 2 Deep - +3
    (11,7,10) Florida - Starters - 7; 2 Deep - +4
    (13,8,7) Florida St - Starters - 8; 2 Deep - +5
    (17,9,5) SouthCarolina - Starters - 9; 2 Deep - +8
    (9,6,6) Louisville - Starters - 6; 2 Deep - +3

    (8,5,13) Tennessee - Starters - 5; 2 Deep - +3

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  • Good research my friend... I'll make the argument, though the unpopular one that this will help us attract a high profile coach, knowing the cupboard isn't bare. It comes down for me that I'd rather have a proven winner with our roster then Dooley. But +1

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  • +1

    I've made a similiar argument about seniors. Got to have them. Next year will be the first time Dooley has has any in significant numbers.

    So many of the Fire The Coach crowd acts like a program is static and never changes from year to year. Change, and improvement, comes incrementally. We are so close to breaking through. Another year should do it.

    If it doesn't, then fire away. But a coach deserves a chance to play with an entire roster of his own players. And also a realthy roster of seniors, which Dooley hasn't had because of Fulmer's last class and Kiffin's only class.

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