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Monday morning and I am still All Vol All The time....

  • Because I am, I feel like I can say this too. I know the game Saturday night has been beat to death, but I have been off the site since the game ended, and I wanted to say something.

    I am not on the "fire Dooley bandwagon" yet, but I am going to say what I said at the end of last year. I don't expect to win every game this year, and I don't expect to win the east. BUT, and this is a huge BUT...We have to start being competitive and we have to start showing some mental toughness. This team has a reputation of quitting in big games, and that showed up again on Saturday night. Now, did I think Florida sucked this year? No, but I thought we were good enough to beat them in a close game, and I fully expected to see Tennessee football again, and fight them bastards for 60 minutes. What I saw was a team that went out confident and got a little bit of a lead, but I still saw a lot of bad things. They were barely getting the plays and points we got early. It was a different team we saw than we saw against NC State; yes, that has a lot to do with the opponent, but you have to show up and play harder against better teams. This teams leadership is horrible, and everyone gave up in the Third Quarter, and it was obvious. If Dooley doesn't start showing this team can compete with the elite teams in the SEC, we are done, and so is he.

    I love UT and the Vols, and I always will. I sure hope they fix this, and we don't have another season like last year.

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  • Amen brother I'm all vol some of these fans that say they are done I question them because If you ask me that's bandwagon fans but I agree we have to play better and get mentally tough! It's a team game and were better this year but we have to get something going and I have faith they will but get behind this team for those of you who aren't because they need it right now but great post +1

  • Amen, UTDub! We do need to get tougher mentally, but we will as the season goes along and these guys develop along with the staff. I think alot of people on this board seem shocked that we're not going 14-0 this year. Still way early. Let's get some momentum this week and get down to Georgia at 3-1, then go from there. Weren't there a lot of people who said we might be 2-2 going into the Georgia game anyway?