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Need some advice: Fraternity. Pros and Cons?

  • I was in Farmhouse at UT in 2003-2005. For those of you who are not familiar, FH is an agricultural fraternity that has a house on campus and typically has anywhere from 15-25 members. There was no humiliating, no hazing, and no uncomfortable situations (such as butt chugging!). I met my fiends through classes and common interests, then pledged during my second year of undergraduate at UT when I found that most of those friends were in FH. The motto of FH is "Builder of Men", and this held to be true. We had several charities and events that we did for service, and we had bible study every Wednesday night. Now, we had a great time...the house was a dry house, which was nice because not every member drank/partied. But we had several hangouts and events for drinking and partying IF you chose to do so, and everyone was respectful of each other. We still participated in homecoming and paired up with large sororities on several events. I loved my time with FH at UT. I now am a veterinarian and one of my best friends and business partner that I opened a clinic up with was one of my FH brothers. Not all frats fit the image that most people paint when it comes to buying friends, drugs, no focus on academics or faith, etc.

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