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OT: Joke about Bammer student

  • Coaling,AL...having no one in his family who had ever graduated high school besides himself, and no college education in his family tree, 19yr old Jimmy enrolled at Alabama. He enrolled in the easiest classes possible his first year.

    On his first day, first class he walked in sat down and waited for the professor to call is name. When he heard his name he raised his hand and held it there. The professor asked him "can I help you?" Jimmy said "what exactly do you teach in this here class?" Professor replied "we teach you all about logic".jimmy relied "what's that" ? Professor said " I'll explain it to you have a dog tied up in you back yard?" Jimmy said "yes sir"! Professor said "If you have dog tied up in your back yard then you must have a front yard!" Jimmy said "yep"' . Professor asked "you have dog tied up in back yard, you have front yard, then you must have a house in between right?" Jimmy said " yep, it's a trailer house ". Professor asked "all that said, you have a wedding band on your finger, and that means only one thing....your not gay!" Jimmy loudly replied..."heck no I ain't gay". Professor said that's logic.

    When Jimmy got home the first day, his best friend was waiting on him. He asked, "what'd you learn in college today?" Jimmy said..."all about logic!" His friend said..."what's that?" Jimmy replied , "I'll explain it. Do you have a dog tied up in your back yard?" His friend said"no". Jimmy said, that means only one thing....Your Gay!

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