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OT: Simple Possession Citation

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  • Appreciate it, maybe I can get some upvotes after all the down votes I got for saying I wasn't on board with the hiring of Butch. Still have my doubts, but I can assure you one thing... As ashamed as I am saying this, I've been in this guy's scenario a few times in college. The 1st time cost me some athletic scholarship money, the 2nd time cost me a few good jobs after college. My experience is that the lawyers really don't help anything but their wallet whe they give you advice on this subject. Also, never-ever-never-ever take a guilty plea unless you're offered a pre trial diversion. Found that out later & a no contest plea can actually get it off your record seven years after the fact, but a guilty plea is forever stuck on your record. Lawyers are the slimiest of the slimy & the only ones I trust have been friends with me since birth or family members. Other than that, most have no conscience what so ever & are about as low as politicians & UT Chancellors in my book...

    That being the case, a misdemeanor charge will not ruin your life as much as you think it will when you 1st get one. I've been lucky enough & have grown up enough to overcome it. I was never a trouble maker to begin with, but I liked smoking & wasn't much of a drinker or drugger. By the grace of God I was able to land a great job & learned my lesson. If you're gonna do it just stay at home & don't let it cost you your job or scholarship (for the athletes out there). Seeing these athletes who get caught brings back painful memories for me & some of my teammates who unfortunately went throu the same thing, they just need to stay away from it altogether or keep it as a "summer activity". Once school hits, they can test you when ever they want & getting a call from coach is ALWAYS a bad thing. Problem is, I bet 85% of college athletes smoke & it's a wonder more of them aren't caught as is.

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  • I and the other attorneys on this board really appreciate your comments! I work very hard for all my clients to refute blanket statements like that.

  • As an attorney, I am always blow away by these types of questions. Of course you should seek counsel.

  • I was raised in Williamson county and got the hell out ASAP. It's a nice safe place but there police force is borderline fascist. I've had many a positive experience with law enforcement none in Wilco. You should absolutely get a lawyer! I came back to town to clean flooded homes after the floods and was given a DUI at a looter checkpoint off hwy 96. Not for drinking but for smelling like pot. I had none but a fellow volunteer who I dropped off just before the next cleanup did. So after finding nothing and passing several field tests they arrested me after failing one test because of "leg tremors". They tried lying to me in various ways and tried getting me to take blood tests. I'm a legal card holding California resident of course I would have failed and they would have convicted me. I hired a lawyer and beat the crap out that charge. The point get a lawyer, get out of wilco, your lawyer will tell you in Davidson county this would be a walk in the park, but in wilco they are a total pain in the @ss. Write your local govt it should be legal. The non psychoactive medical benefits from juicing cannabis are curing people of all sorts of disease s out here. I know I know soapbox, but big pharma doesn't want the stories to come out, and the results are ASTOUNDING!

  • I LOVE MY LAWYER, just like a few vocal minority vol fans can give our fan base a bad rap, a few lawyers have made you guys look bad. ALWAYS HIRE A LAWYER ALWAYS SEEK COUNSEL. My standard response now to law enforcement in WILCO lawyer. They wanted to blood test me I told them they can have my lawyers blood, they wanted me to answer questions I told them my lawyer can answer them, they asked whos pot was in the car, told them it was my lawyers.I just can't understand why anybody would not hire counsel in all legal matters they are here for our protection. I suggest talking with several at least four or five to discuss options pricing and so you can get comfortable with him or her. I suggest talking to Robert Hasell( former drug prosecutor in Williamson county) Eric Davis in Franklin. Not discounting any attorneys here on the board I just don't know you, I'm sure you guys are great to!

  • vols4life1969

    i agree jetervol ..thats uncalled for..ive got 2 friends that are lawyers and there just like us ..
    sounds like the guy has bad run in with the got your back jetervol.

  • Don't want to sound like a jerk, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. Go to you tube and research juicing cannabis. The FDA yes that FDA has a patent on CBD (other than THC, this is another chemical in pot that gets you "high" ), why would they have a patent on this, o because its a freaking miracle drug. If taken in juice form it is non psychoactive and repairs and regenerates all 250 types of cell tissue in your body, regulates digestion, anti inflamorty, kills cancer, SAVES LIVES. just go look for the testimonials from people who are alive because they stopped taking deadly pills and went to a NATURAL remedy. PILLS kill way more people than pot has, o wait no one has ever died from pot.

  • vols4life1969

    ide rather pass someone thats smoked pot..then someone has drunk a case of beer...i got some family smokes it
    and dont do any other drug or drink..and they have never been in i cant smoke it tried 2 times..and it just wasnt for me..i have no issue with anyone likes to smoke it..what works for me might not work for you....peace

  • In 25 years there will be a massive amount of Americans who will be juicing homegrown organic cannabis because it is a dietary essential vegetable. It won't get you high but it will work wonders healing your body. Remember how we used to bleed people to "heal"....yea that worked great. Just keep thinking about how that was a great idea while you take prescription medicine to "heal" you that has a dozen side affects and shuts down vital organs like liver and kidneys. I stood face to face with a 63 yr old man last week cancer free that treated himself with a cannabis and vegetable diet. No toxic chemo no swallowing thirty pills. Just positive attitude proper diet and ganja. Funny how Mother Nature works isn't it.