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  • Greatly appreciated. We need all the support we can get. Even if you don't like ND, watch Manti Te'o; he's a special talent and an even more remarkable human being (see link). I know Notre Dame can rub a lot of fans the wrong way because of what is perceived to be handed to them, but I am assure you that a lot of Notre Dame fans are great guys and it's a great university with quality people. I welcome you all to check out the 247 page for the Irish. The only fans we don't like are: Alabama, LSU, Michigan, and USC. Haha.

    I am not sure what to think about Dooley just as many of you. Part of me thinks he could turn things around, but the other side of me says it's time. I know he did some good things at Louisiana Tech and one could argue it's his recruits winning for Sonny Dykes right now, but at the end of the day I think it takes a coach with an SEC(esque) pedigree to compete in the SEC. I know his dad was at GA, but he was not. He seems to be in over his head whereas if the Vols bring in a guy like Mullen or Strong, they can both preach their successes at UF as DC's (which is strongly needed) and then their successes at Mississippi St. and Louisville. Dooley has done well with some players (AJ Johnson, Richardson, Lane, Maggitt, Pig Howard, Bowles, and especially Patterson), but I just don't think he is as strong as a coach as he is at recruiting. (Based on two top-15 recruiting classes in the last two years and a 1-12 record vs. the SEC.) JMO.

    I know it's a tough call, but big-time college football is all about tough calls. If I'm AD, I'm making the switch.

    Dealing with own grief, Notre Dame linebacker

    Dealing with his own grief, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo writes a letter to comfort the parents of a 12-year-old girl who was dying from a brain tumor. Dealing with own grief, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo comforts parents of dying girl
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