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Qualities I would like to see in the next head coach of UT......

  • In no order:

    1. An elite recruiter/ closer that has done it in the South/SEC. Someone who will take back TN and NC and we will be major players in VA, GA, FL, but be able to go nationwide for playmakers.

    2. I think I want a defensive specialist that has proved it as a DC and HC. IF the opposite (a offensive minded HC that has proven it as a HC and OC)......I would want an elite DC to be part of this package but I will lean to the defensive minded HC. You win in this league with D and even an average offense if you can run the ball...see LSU and USCe. UT was best when their D was elite and we could pound the rock and take a few well timed deep shots.

    3. A HC with integrity that runs a clean program on and off the field. I want our players to celebrate but act like they have been there before (nothing wrong with what Hunter and CP was called on but I dont want throat slashing or turn into the U of old either). Players must go to class in this day and age...there are rules now that can really affect your program that were not in place even a few years ago. You have to get quality kids that "get it". You cant just recruit elite players that dont fit your system just to make a splash or players that will be headaches for a few years just to get them and ook good on NSD on TV. This has not worked for AU the last few years minus Cam Newtons 6+ month stint on campus. It has not worked for Kiffin either.

    4. A HC that attracts the best assistants. That is who really coaches and recruits.

    5. A HC that embraces our traditions and sees UT as a destination job once he is winning here. It would be nice to have stability again for 10+ years. I am not sure I want to see a uniform change every other week but I could handle it for 1 OOC game per year if thats what the kids want.

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