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Ryan/Wes: Few ?s on this years returning roster & 2014 thoughts

  • 1. Over/under on the following returning or an update:

    a. Sentimore 60% chance of returning
    b. Patterson 10% returning?
    just heard we lost Taylor, Phillips and Bonner which many expected

    and do you think any of these even if they do make it in (minus Sentimore and Patterson of course) are gone after Spring?

    2. Do you see Oliver as a guy that really gets PT finally or is it Coleman and Gray and newcomers? Any chance he could start at CB?

    3. Who do you think has a breakout year btw Croom and Bowles at WR? 1 of those is a must to go with what we have seen from Pig in the slot.

    4. Who is your best guess to be our #2 center or compete for the job in 2014 behind what appears to be only Crowder bc we are not recruiting any? Has Kerbyson got any time there to date....I think he saw a bit at OT? I know its a ways away and a guard from the 2013 class could see time there.

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