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Starting early to plan which games I'll take my daughter to

  • With the parenting schedule there is only 3 games that line up with my weekends(Home games of course).
    Austin Peay Aug 31st
    South Alabama Sept 28
    Auburn Nov 9th

    Geez, well I took her to the Mizzou game and she complained it was loud. (earplugs added to the list of things to take)

    She absolutely LOVES going to HS games. Bradley Bears, my alma mater and Walker Valley Mustangs, where she will go to school...perhaps, but that could change within the next 6 years.

    I'm hoping she continues to love watching live football, tv doesnt hold her interest like actually being in the stadium. My first trip last fall was on my ex's weekend, she was nice enough to let me take her. I figured she'd be ready to leave by halftime. Nope wouldn't leave til the last second was gone. Same at the WV vs Bradley game.

    Anyone know of anything extra I could do before, during or after games to enhance our trips? I know it's a long ways out, but I'm hoping of doing a better job of planning our trips. Last fall was fun, but it was tightly planned without much spending money. Need to figure out some things to do so i know how much i should save til this fall.

    When asked what she likes, she replies " I like to watch them fighting."

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  • Gook my 8 year old daughter to her first game 3 years ago and she is hooked, she hates all things bammy or gaytor. She gets into heated arguments with kids at school about the Vols vs the other two teams. Cant wait to take her to the O & W game to meet the old is yer girl? Took my 5 year old to the Mizzou game and she was like whatever but her older sister is an Orange Blooded VFL.

  • She turned 7 Jan 5th, she's a elementary school cheerleader for Accelerated Reader, hoping she will make the basketball cheer squad two years from now.(3rd-5th graders) I need to take her to a Lady Vols game, but messed around and didnt make it to any local BB games.

    She's also been taking Brazilian Jujitsu, although we've both missed the last month with things being crazy with her mom's BF moving in and me working 6 days a week, of course by fall i may have Saturdays off(mailman).

    BF = (PTSD navy vet with a cough syrup problem, who's been kicked out of navy housing 3 dif times in the last 6 months for scaring his roommates and according to his dad held in san diego a couple times for 5150's(involuntary psychiatric hold) Oh an he's still married and his own family took his wife's side.