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Sugar Daddy , Bill's Daddy, Clevelands Daddy, UT's Daddy Help!!

  • I just signed up on this I'm not really great at posting, I don't type well, but In response to a post about the $$$ situation involving a buy out and a Gruden hire along with his staff, I was taken back on the stupidity of it's author. $$$ has never been an issue at Tennessee and nor will it unless big changes come soon! There is no supreme evidence that say's Gruden will come to Knoxville, or that Dooley and staff are done. We don't want to get too over zealous yet. I'm going to make a few points, and then I'm going to watch for some logical replies. Maybe I'm way off base, all I know is I'm sick of all the bleeding at Neyland and at every venue that our struggling team plays in. I'm tired of the blood letting being Orange. I want us back on Top too! Rocky Top! The trip trying to get back there has been Rocky and seems to get Rockier with passing times. Now, Think of these things.
    1. Jim Haslam has donated over $50 MIL. in last 3 years under Dooley.
    2. Gruden is a Proven Coach.
    3. Jim Haslam could use a new coach in Cleveland. Maybe a proven guy like Gruden?Jim Haslam paid a Billion Bucks for the Browns.
    4. It would be a buy out around $ 9.5 MIL. to get rid of Dooley and staff. A drop in the bucket for Jim Haslam. Founder and CEO of every Pilot Station in the U.S.
    5. Jim Haslam played Football at UT. He is a VOL.
    6. Our Governor is Bill, former mayor of Knoxville, Jim's Son.
    7. Jim Haslam may want to turn Tennessee into a fast track farm team for the Browns future.
    I'd say you'll see more Juco commitments in the future. Our best guy is C.P. now. Kind of like Kentucky in Basketball with Calapari.
    8. It was Haslam's jet that picked up the Kiffin's and Dooley.
    9. Tyler Bray, C.P., and Hunter are all gone after this year more than likely. Why risk getting hurt? These guy's are not one of Archie's sons.
    10. We have improved our running game, thanks to Jay, and the offense is better, Our defense plain Sucks!
    11. Maybe with the lack of depth, and a 3-4 defense that our boys can't grasp, Hart starts all over again with no continuity what so ever and Fires everybody?
    12. We keep Dooley and the offensive staff, and let Sunseri and entire defensive staff go??
    13. Anyway you look at it, it boils down to execution. These were all Dooley's hires, and I'm sure heavily influenced by the Haslam Regime! Just as any decision regarding Tennessee will be. Yep, politics is even in college football.... ya'll still think I'm stupid?
    14. $$ Money is no object, we could buy out Dooley, and get Gruden in here and wipe the slate clean, or give it some time make some major adjustments on defense and see where we go? Start hitting that Juco circuit heavy, it was good with Kelly Washington, and C.P., and these are two of the most dynamic players I have seen play at UT in recent history. I'm 40 years old! Worst Defense EVER!
    15. What ever we do, or Sugar Daddy does, we need to to do it fast. If it can be done fast? It worked at Alabama didn't it? I don't have answers, but ideas swim around my head a bit. I just want our program back on track, and I really can't see what the hold up is? We still have Missouri, and Vandy to contend with. I like Derek, he seems to be of high ethical and moral fortitude. I think he is "SNAKEBIT" big time. This guy couldn't catch a (brake) if NAPA laid siege to his home. He has had tough luck!
    16. If we had an average Defense, we would be 7-2. Coaches are the men paid to get our guys to perform, and develop them into champions. If they can't get it done, maybe it's time to put the "brakes" on where we are going. Lost ticket sales means a decrease in revenues for the entire state, yes, Tennessee Football, Titan Football, and Bristol Nascar are our big money making events. There is a lot to think and mull over. What ever happens, we have to be true, and stay the course in supporting our boys playing the game, even if the one's running the show are unlucky, or incompetent.

  • Fan desperation is now rampant.

    This is the male version of Princess Leia's, "HELP me, Obi Wan Kenobi! You're our only hope!" biggrin

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    "Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat." Sir Robin's Minstrels.

  • Just FYI....Jimmy is the principle owner of the Browns, not Jim. Jim did invest along with Jimmy though.

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  • One thing is for sure, a group of our fans are great at making up stories.