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The right choice vs the smart one

  • So it appears that its down to three candidates.we all are suffering and have our favorites,and most of us would agree Strong should be it I agree BUT ill explain in a moment.Gundy is a proven winner...A VERY good coach leading his team to bcs bowls and beating tough opponents and guys don't worry about defense that's how the big 12 is but look when they play other schools they can play defense(mizzu and a&m) you gotta play by the law of the conference.With this I say Gundy is a Smart choice.Fedora man what a shiny record!Its pretty good the guy wins where ever he goes his offense is omg baby jesus and this guy is sharp.once again defense can be an issue but hell it can work.see above smart choice.Mr.Charlie Strong your record isn't amazing(yet) you are new to the hc bussiness aren't proven like these other guys.your the right choice though.Why? Because I believe if you came to Tennessee you would would keep our coaches and cherish our tradition.Find a way to win.Reminds me of a hall of famer...never thought id say this hire CCS please for the sake of ole rocky top