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  • A lot of ppl have concerns, coaching, Hunter, Bray, the defense....the list goes on and on... And are warranted concerns are a tad bit different. Includes our freshman, it seems we are allowing Brewer/Teague (gave up big first downs yesterday) in except Bonner or Gray guys who at the very least can FLY. Seems like when Neal went down, Pig should have gotten more reps, and has anybody seen Drae?!? We recurit these guys give the, very little game experience and expect them to replace Hunter/Patterson/Waggner/Lathers/Bray next season. I personally don't feel either way about firing Dooley, he hasn't been great but minus Kentucky he still has won the games he was SUPPOSE to win, but as a lifelong fan, that's really starting to not to count for much.
    Question for board.... Peterman or Worley?!? This question will mean a lot if Dooley is fired, poor QB play sets us back about 3 more years.

    Thanks GO Vols