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Today and the future

  • I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now and now that signing day is pretty much over I thought I would share my thoughts.

    There's going to be a lot of negative posts about who we didn't get. But the thing is this is an interesting class based upon who we did or didn't sign.

    First thing I'd like to point out is this. Vonn Bell. A lot of talk about why did he go to Ohio State and how Dooley screwed the pooch on that. I agree he did, but let's look at one thing Vonn did say.

    He said if Butch Jones had been coach the entire year at UT, he would have signed with us. Think about that. You have a 5-star that says if he had developed a better relationship he would be here. That spells good news for CBJ and staff next year when they do have an entire year. The proof is in the pudding and with a comment like that you can only see it as good potential for next year's class.

    This year's class. We filled some needs. We got some good players on the board. Everyone is upset about Bell. I'm upset about Bell. But what exactly is the most important position on the football field? Quarterback. We added two. We already have two. With Dobbs being dual threat, it could be an interesting spring. How important is QB? Look at Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel last year. While Bell would have been nice, a safety or a cornerback is not a gamechanger. There's a lot of talk about the defense sucking. They did. But we have a brand new DC now. The question is, can they tighten up what we have? They don't necessarily have to have the best D in the SEC next year. They need to be able to hold down points and not give up 50 every time. I'm not going to say we'll have as explosive of an offense as last year. But I think some pieces are in place to have a good one. If people step up and the offense clicks, it could surprise.

    There's another thing I like about this class and what Jones did. Look at the walk ons he brought in. A kicker to beef up some competition in the kicking game, which no one in their right mind would say we don't need. An offensive lineman. While the lack of stars is glaring to some, this staff has brought in some people to try and fill needs.

    Does this mean I'm not worried? Yeah, I'm still worried. I see what every other SEC team is doing. And it worries me we're being left behind. But there are positives. The bad thing is, we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Saying that you would have signed with Tennessee if Coach Jones had been there all year this past year seems kind of a dumb statement to me .... because....

    Coach Jones will be here ALL YEAR this year .....not logical...

    I just wonder more why he picked OSU over Bama....

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  • Although Bell did mention the long term relationship with Meyer as a reason he chose OSU, Bell said he doesn't know if he would've signed with us even if Jones had been there all year. He simply left that up in the air as a possibility.

  • Your thinking is clear-headed, Rocklion and, IMO, on the mark. Our new guys worked hard day and night to bring us the best possible class, considering the short time frame. We may have picked up a couple of standouts that only time will reveal. And next season should be a winner. Which will, of course, lead to an ever stronger class in '14. We're gonna be fine, although we're playing catchup in the SEC, but we'll make it. I've always loved our Vols and seen ups and downs for many years. Watch us come out of this.

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