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UT vs. Arky (long)

  • Ok. I'm going to voice my opinion on a "bidding war" with Arky and tell you why Gruden would choose us over them.

    The type of donors and boosters each school has won't matter because we won't have to win a bidding war with Arkansas from a monetary standpoint. Let's be honest. No school is going to pay the man 7,8,9,10,15,20M/year to be their coach. Those are ludicrous figures and that's just not going to happen in this current CFB landscape. The salary offers have to level off somewhere. Maybe down the road 10-20 years coaches will be making this kind of coin, but not today. The only salary based bidding wars that may factor in would be length of contract and/or some sort of incentive based offer; however, the incentives will still stay within the confines of the base salary. If he's paid 5M/yr, he won't earn a $10M bonus for winning the NC.

    IMO, the annual salary for him and his staff will level off at 9-10M/yr, as that has been the most widely rumored figure. I don't see either school being willing to pay more than that or struggling to come up with those funds, as long as Hart was being truthful with his statements yesterday regarding our financial situation and our plan of action to improve it. So assuming both schools would be willing to pay this salary, and we all know they would, where are the tangibles that land one of us this hire?

    First, there's the universities, the programs, and the cities themselves. In as non-biased and non-homer tone as I can possibly take, we win. More history, more tradition, better facilities, better city, better education for students. Also, while Gruden has friends associated with Arkansas, he has family associated with Tennessee. Blood is thicker than water. He has openly stated that he "has a soft spot in his heart for the University of Tennessee". So again, we win that one.

    Then there's this mysterious "control of the program" aspect, which btw, Kevin did a marvelous job of giving some insight into that aspect in the Gruden rumor thread. THIS IS WHERE THE REAL BIDDING OCCURS. If it comes down to us and Arky for Gruden's services, IMO, he will go where he is going to have the most control over the program from the beginning. He has an ego and we are going to have to feed it a little bit if we truly want him. He is not going to want to "earn" control over everything, even though he may be willing to concede control over somethings until later down the road, once he's proven himself. But not everything.

    After all that I've read and heard over the last two days, in addition to the rumors that have been floating around for weeks that have mostly been validated recently, I truly believe control is a bit more important than money and Gruden is ours if we can agree to let him do things his way. And why shouldn't we? He's a Super Bowl winning coach who would be leaving a cake job to go through this gauntlet. Plus the man will absolutely refuse to fail and I believe he won't as long as he's not handicapped by our administration. But as Kevin alluded to, and others, this is a HUGE hurdle for us to clear and maybe THE ONLY one to clear to make him our coach. I hope Dave Hart and the administration know what's best for this university and make the right choice. And I believe that Gruden is the right choice. Definitely not the only quality choice, but the right one.

    Go Dave Hart!

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