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UTs top signees of 2009-2012: Where are they and how did they do

  • 2009: (this is your RS SR class for the 2013 roster thanks to Kiffin/Fulmer)

    11 4* or better signees........2 REMAIN

    4* SDE Walls remains on the team and will prob back up the starter if I had to guess.
    4* CB Eric Gordon remain on the team but he will share time at best at nickelback unless he becomes disciplined
    All others are gone. 8 or more never panned out or got dismissed or left.

    Teague sacrificed his last years bc we didnt have anyone at CB as he should have been a WR the whole time but we just had to have him in 2010-2011 bc of the failures of the 2007-2009 classes.

    2010: (this is our true SR class thanks to Kiffin/Dooley).....Dooley had 2.5 weeks.

    We signed 13 4* or better players + IMO Zach Fulton who played like a 4* 14 elite players.....6 REMAIN (James, Neal, Stone, Fulton, J Smith and Miller)

    2 of those 8 that are no longer at UT panned out: Bray and Hunter. The rest never made it in or left or got dismissed like D Rogers. Playing 1 good year is not panning out IMO.

    2011: (this is our true JR class)......Dooley had only 1 year to sign this class (our rivals had 2+ yrs) and our image was not the best nor was the staff he had to throw together with very few SEC/Southern ties due to when he was hired.

    11 4* or better signees + B. Randolph who IMO played like a 4* 12 elite players......9 REMAIN (Couch, BRandolph, Maggitt, Tiny, Lane, AJ, BMoore, Coleman and M Jackson)

    3 of those 12 are no longer with UT: Lanier, Clear and Arnett. (maybe not being Laniers total fault)

    2012: (this is our true Soph class)

    We signed 9 4* or better players + McCullers who is definitely an elite player making a total of 10...I will even incl Peterman as he was rated an 89 as the #1 QB in FL most thought + early reports are solid about him.....making a total of 11

    3 of those 11 are probably gone (CP) or no longer on the team (Phillips and Bourque).....we will see on Sentimore but IMO he comes back if academics are not too much for him to overcome to be ok for 2013 bc he lost 12+ hours in his juco transfer + the C- rule hurt him too (maybe that gets fixed by the Fall semester)

    Too early to pass too many judgements on the REMAINING 7-8 (Peterman, McCullers, Sentimore, McNeil, Croom, Pig, Bowles, OBrien) but of those I have heard positive signs for all but OBrien who was RS for a reason and Bowles who I have heard needs to develop. No doubt CP panned out too but is probably gone to the NFL after just one year.

    So what is the grand total from 4 years and 48 elite players being signed from 2009-2012?

    25 REMAIN incl Sentimore and exluding CP. Almost a 50% attrition rate incl the 2009 disaster class. Take that class away as it is a RS SR class anyway........37 elite players signed from 2010-2012 and 23 remain for an attrition rate of 38%. IIRC most teams lose about 30-35% of their players.

    Where do the problem lie in those 25 elite players that remain?

    Elite pass rushers: Maggitt has been the only one that has shown glimpses and he was hurt most all of 2012 and is undersized to be effective at WDE on a consistent basis + our need for him at OLB. Lets hope Miller has a breakout year at SDE or Walls or J Smith in their SR years....some finally do their last year.

    CBs: Coleman is the ONLY one we have remaining minus a nickelback in Gordon who freelances too often

    S: 3 in 4 years remain on the roster and BRandolph is recovering from a major injury and McNeil was a true FR last year so its hard to judge and BMoore appears not to be the elite player we need back there...maybe a new scheme helps him a bit.

    RB: 2 in 4 years remain on the roster in Lane and Neal. The teams we compete against have 2-3 times this. Most sign 2-3 a year.

    TE: Not 1 elite TE is on this roster (now granted TEs do develop differently but this is puzzling with our history of TEs put in the NFL + our passing game). Only Clear was a 4* TE and some had him as a 4* OT and he is gone of course.

    LB: AJ and Maggitt in 4 years........just sad. And people wonder why the 3-4 was ineffective to go with our DBs. A simplified 4-3 is the ONLY way to go til we are at least all the way back and can recruit against anyone. We whiffed trying to sign Santos, Peters and L Dawson to name a few.

    Where have we done well?

    QB (it appears and esp if you factor in Bray and what we have seen glimpses of from Worley (Gatorade POY so you could almost add him to the lists above and he has played more than most backups) + the early reports of Peterman

    WR: 'nuff said + the 2013 class looks as 1 of the top WR classes in the nation again

    DT: McCullers, Sentimore, OBrien and Couch.....we just need to land 2 in this class IMO to go with Carr who appears to me to be our next Malik Jackson or bigger. We struggled here early in Dooleys tenure but the 2012 class really improved things on our roster even when we lost Phillips and 3* Taylor. Signing a top juco again in 2014 will probably be a must too.

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  • Good info +1

  • bgosnell151

    this really isn't fair considering we are on our 3rd coach since 2009... some players fit some with some systems/coaches, some don't. there is not constant other than the UT brand.

  • bgosnell151

    +1 though on the info and hard work... at minimum, it is very interesting to see

  • Quick breakdown:

    2009: 11 signed/ 2 remain (Fulmer but mostly Kiffin)
    2010: 14 signed/ 6 remain (cant blame this on Dooley in 2.5 weeks)
    2011: 12 signed/ 9 remain (Dooleys 1st real class IMO even though he only had a yr and a non SEC tied staff)
    2012: 11 signed/ 7-8 remain depending on Sentimore (Dooleys 1st level playing field class vs our rivals minus our record)

    Note: 23 signed in the last 2 years and 17 prob remain. Only a 26% attrition rate which is below the avg IMO. We just needed an elite RB or 2 and a rush end and LB and CB

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  • Sure with a coaching change you can expect attrition but like I said....Kiffins class would be RS SRs only but scheme change had nothing to do with his players leaving. But being 5th year players is not a given so thats why I added stats without his 2009 class. Now our image as a program had an affect on our recruiting and still does when you combine it with our records the last few years.

    I would have a hard time finding even 2-3 top players that left bc UT was not a fit on the field bc of a scheme change. Most washed out or never made it etc.

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  • what you are describing was caused almost completely by turnover of the coaching staff. Here again we have a coach, with no relationships with SEC caliber prospects and with only about 2 months to try to keep some of the commitments on the books and working hard to fill positions of some cases now with bodies. It reminds me of Dooley's first recruiting class where he had just a few short weeks to work with. We signed some kids none of us had ever heard of that year. We may see similar this year.

  • Great work, SamVolsam. Appreciate the breakdown! +1

  • 2.5 weeks is a lot worse than getting hired in Dec. and having a full week on the road in Dec. with assts with SEC/ south ties. No way if you hooked Dooley up to a lie detector would he pass the test by saying that 1st staff is the one he wanted to have if he was to go back to his hire date and give him more time to assemble it. Mid to late Jan and after NSD is an awful time to hire a staff.

    I agree that 45+ coaches since the Fall of 2008 has led to our recruiting problem and records and image etc

    I will disagree that attrition is bc of those coaches and changes in scheme. Most flat out washed out.

    I will agree that in 2010 Dooley just had to take bodies and risks. I dont think Jones will have to risk as much with about 6 weeks to be on the road and a staff he had time to assemble and has SEC area ties. Plus this time we dont need bodies in most all areas minus OT (maybe)......we can and have time to recruit selected/ evaluated talent. JMO

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  • Sam, I have to ask this with the amount of great research you have put on this board. Do you have a job? Great work my man! Attrition not s bad as it has been. Love having the O-line we will have next year. Plug in Jackson for Thomas and I don't think we will miss a beat upfront. Thanks to Dooley for that.

  • bgosnell151

    Some of that "wash out" can be attributed to a lack of constant at the leadership position though. Coaches are looked at as a "father figure" and when you don't have that person around or it is constantly changing, that can make it worse.

    This example is a bit extreme, but you get my point.

  • Seanbt

    Great work Sam!!!
    It really shows why the program is in the spot it is now.
    It would be interesting to compare to a Georgia or Alabama....or maybe even better Florida because of coaching changes.

  • Nice breakdown. That is interesting to see how we got where we are right now.

    Can you do this for every other team in the SEC? Juuuuuust kidding, but I am curious how this compares to other teams. Everyone can expect some amount of attrition: players getting in trouble, transfers, etc. I think we can all tell from the naked eye that we have had more of this than most teams, but what is normal? What amount of attrition is ok and doesn't prevent success? What does a team like Georgia, LSU, S. Carolina, or Bama who have consistency in their coaching staff and good recruiting endure from an attrition standpoint. Surely they swing and miss on some of their top recruits, right?

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  • Maybe LWS has those #s. I will try to get a few teams #s too. IIRC around 30 is normal for a class. The difference btw our program and our competition is the lack of 3rd, 4th and 5th year players the last few years and elite playmakers like at RB, CB, S, DE, LB.

    Add to that the awful awful attrition for so so long......starting in 2007, then 2008, 2009, & 2010 (due to the risks for bodies and then add in Bray, Rogers, and Hunter gone + CP of 2012) and then add the normal attrition the last 2 years

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