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VIP Room: Frustration mounts for UT

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  • I've seen references to Saban and others who came into a weak program and won big in their second year. But not all great coaches have done that. Spurrier went 8-5 his 2nd year at S.Car and 9-5 his 6th year. The other records in his first 6 years were 6-6, 7-5 and 7-6. He had some big wins over SEC teams in his first 6 years, but he also inherited a program Lou Holz had spent the previous 6 years rebuilding.

    2005 South Carolina 7–5 5–3 T–2nd (East) L Independence
    2006 South Carolina 8–5 3–5 5th (East) W Liberty
    2007 South Carolina 6–6 3–5 T–4th (East)
    2008 South Carolina 7–6 4–4 T–3rd (East) L Outback
    2009 South Carolina 7–6 3–5 T–4th (East) L
    2010 South Carolina 9–5 5–3 1st (East) L Chick-Fil-A 22 22
    2011 South Carolina 11–2 6–2 2nd (East) W Capital One 8 9
    2012 South Carolina 6–2 4–2 (East)

    It's hard to argue Spurrier isn't a great coach after his accomplishments at Duke and then Florida.

    I'm not arguing Dooley is of Spurrier's caliber, but Dooley inherited a lot less from his predecessors at UT than Spurrier did at S.Car and yet had records his first two seasons in the ball-park of Spurrier's first 2 S.Car seasons.

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  • We hear a lot about the coach issues, but I see leadership issues....When I look at pictures at the '97 team that was on the field Saturday, I see a lot of TEAM players and several really strong LEADERS...I'm not sure the current UT locker room has that right now. I know we have a few but when your talking about 80 or so 18-22 year olds, I'm not sure a few is enough.

    I'm also not sure a coach can do it by himself. I think you have to have those leaders in the lockerroom pushing everyone (especially with the limits on practicing, etc.).

    I think we have too many individuals right now and not enough team players. Not saying they are all like that, but we don't have enough.

    I don't think we have any idea how much of a mess that locker room was 3 years ago...but the fact that we lost a KY game because players didn't want to practice during December to go to a crappy bowl, tells you the mind set that Dooley is fighting against.

    Maybe he's not the right guy for the job if he can't get the lockerroom turned around...I don't know...but he's fighting more than Xs and Os right now.

    The tweets after the KY game from the senoirs and then the stories of the team meetings the last couple of weeks because of the players efforts...we have bigger issues then coaching...there needs to be an attitude adjustment and I'm not sure if you have to get the bad apples out or if there is something you can do to turn it with them there...but we need the players to buy want to win for the team (not to just get their stats) want to spend the extra film study time and work out time to get it...and right now that desire and passion seems to be lacking from a number of the guys.

    They seem to work hard at practice but don't put any additional time in.

    Maybe I'm way off base...but it's the only thing I can see to explain our offensive talent not having it together. Are they getting together to throw passes outside of practice so they can learn each others tendencies? I think we've all heard about the time Peyton puts in with his receivers so they are on the same page. And the defense?

    I'll get off my soapbox now and if I'm off base, please let me know, but the intensity on the sideline hasn't seem the same since those 97/98 teams. For me, it's been different for a while.

  • I'm just really concerned that all of the impatient naysayers are going to end up scaring away recruits. I know I will get some argument here, but I think we have a strong staff that for the most part is together for the first time. We will have a senior dominated team next year that will have a full season of this system under their belt. I'm not writing off this season, but we need to give dooley and his guys one more year to show dramatic improvement.